"What a fascinating and highly useful contribution E & E Cello Music is making to the cello teaching literature - especially through it’s A to Zipoli collection. No longer does the student have to wait weeks or months to play a standard solo with a pianist. During the process of learning it, the student leaps ahead because at his side is his teacher playing a delightful accompaniment on his own cello.

In my International String Workshop classes, the cello teachers were thrilled with the charm and beauty of these works, so are my graduate students who teach in the University of Texas String Project. Edward Laut and Erinn Renyer have taken a giant step toward making the cello lesson an even more joyful and inspiring experience for both student and teacher!"

Phyllis Young, Parker C. Fielder Regents Professor of Music, University of Texas Professor of Cello and String Pedagogy, and author of "Playing the String Game"


"Ed Laut and Erinn Renyer’s arrangements of the solo cello literature for multiple celli are invaluable to both professional and amateur. I find them unfailingly beautiful and expertly crafted, and they should remain a constant source of joy for cellists and audiences around the world."

Steven Honigberg, solo cellist and founding member of the Potomac String Quartet


"E & E Cello Music is producing an extensive collection of multi-level cello solos and ensembles. Whether you need music for a recital, a curriculum, or a gig, these well-wrought volumes of classical favorites and standards can help."

Lee Newcomer, owner of Performer’s Music in Chicago, Illinois


"Ed Laut is an excellent cellist and an effective teacher, and performer. He is imaginative with a strong sense of humor and his publications reflect these qualities. I am certain these works will be of good use to budding cellists and their instructors."

Janos Starker, Distinguished Professor of Cello at Indiana University