E&E Cello Music

Cello Music for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Players.

"What a fascinating and highly useful contribution E & E Cello Music is making to the cello teaching literature - especially through it’s A to Zipoli collection. No longer does the student have to wait weeks or months to play a standard solo with a pianist. During the process of learning it, the student leaps ahead because at his side is his teacher playing a delightful accompaniment on his own cello."

Phyllis Young, Parker C. Fielder Regents Professor of Music, University of Texas Professor of Cello and String Pedagogy, and author of "Playing the String Game"

"I have been using Erinn’s arrangements for many years in a variety of cello ensembles of different sizes from 80 down to 4 cellos. The arrangements are attractively produced, with sensible finger and bowing suggestions, which saves a lot of time in rehearsal. They are pitched at different levels, which is helpful when I am planning repertoire for various abilities. I have got much inspiration for programming from exploring the impressive breadth of pieces on the website. It really is a one-stop shop for a musical director. The arrangements themselves are very enjoyable to play, and very thoughtfully and sensibly arranged in terms of voicing. Bravo E & E!"

Scott Heron, Director of ‘Cello Summer Soirées’ & YouTuber.

"Ed Laut and Erinn Renyer’s arrangements of the solo cello literature for multiple celli are invaluable to both professional and amateur. I find them unfailingly beautiful and expertly crafted, and they should remain a constant source of joy for cellists and audiences around the world."

Steven Honigberg, solo cellist and founding member of the Potomac String Quartet

Music for Festivals & Competitions

Concerto, Orchestra & Encore Selections

Cellists love to play and often times don't have a spare orchestra at our fingertips. E & E has thought of that! Grab a couple of cello buddies and explore the options! From our "Orchestral Excerpts" series to some of our Concerto Works such as Vivaldi Concerto for 2 Celli and Schumann Concerto. We also have wonderful duets in our "Showstoppers" series that are great encores for any recital!

Dvorak Concerto -2nd Movement

Competition Solos

As a private studio teacher, do you often find yourself playing off the piano part with your cello so the student can get a sense of the entire solo work? With the A to Zipoli series you won't have to! This collection of progressive solos with teacher accompaniment allows the student & teacher to play together allowing in depth preparation before hiring a pianist for any solo competition.

A to Zipoli Series

Ensemble Music for Novice through Pros

E & E has a prolific catalog of music for ensemble. From "Basic Beginners" to intermediate level collections like "Fun for Cello Ensemble" and "Contemplative Cello Works" to our advanced level series "Cello Chops!" . We have Trios, Quartets, Quintets and music for cello ensemble as well. If you are looking for music for one day events, week-long camps, university small ensemble classes or competitions, E & E will fit your needs.

Fun for Cello Ensemble Series