What are Digital Downloads? With the wonder of computers, you now have the ability to order music and have it sent to you over the internet. No more paying for shipping and waiting for the music to arrive. All you have to do is click and print! 

What if I only want one piece of music in a book since I need to rehearse ASAP but also want a hardcopy of the entire collection to keep for later? 

No problem! We have 3 options for purchasing:

  • #1 Purchase a Hardcopy- The sheet music in hardbound cover will be sent to you in the mail in a few days.
  • #2 Purchase a Digital Download of Entire Volume- You will receive an email with the PDFs of the entire volume/book.
  • #3 Purchase Digital Downloads of Individual Selections-Tap on the scroll down menu and click on the specific works you would like to purchase for download only.

All of these options are located on the product's page.

You have such a vast catalog of music-where do I start? First, pick the number of players: Solo? Duo? Ensemble? These prompts are at the top of the main page. Once you are in a specific category, then use the filter menu to help narrow your search. For example: You are looking for ensemble music for your high school cellos for small ensemble festival. You click "ensemble", scroll down to "intermediate" on the "Filter by" tab, click and see what pops up. Say you have several levels of ability of students, then scroll down to "festivals" instead and it will show you a wider selection. 

I want to look at the music before I purchase it, how do I do that? Each collection and individual piece of music has a detailed product page. On that page, you will find a brief description, purchase options, sample scores and for most, a video example which can be quite helpful. 

I teach beginners and want to know what is available for me, any helpful suggestions? Your first step would be under the Method Books tab. Then use the "Filter by" scroll down button using the word "beginner" it will display the A to Zipoli method series but also beginner ensemble music and a scale book.

I am more interested in music by a specific composer, how do I navigate that? Our suggestion is to click on the Digital Library tab (located at the top of the main page) then use the "Filter by" scroll down button. For example: You wanted to peruse arrangements that we have done of Bach's works, you would take this route and discover 13 pages of arrangements dedicated to this composer.

What if I wanted just an individual download, what is my first step? Our digital library is quite large and contains volumes/collections as well. The best way is to click on the Digital Library tab (located at the top of the main page) then use the "Filter by" scroll down button. Example: You want something by Debussy, go to the digital library, scroll down on the "Filter by" button, click Debussy and it will generate the music selections. The selections that have the E & E moniker are the individual music downloads. 

What is the quickest way to navigate to a piece of music I want to buy? The search bar at the top right corner is the best shortcut. Example: You are looking for Bruch Kol Nidrei, type in the title or composer and it should take you to the versions for trio and quartet both in the hardcopy and digital download option.

How do I confirm in my shopping cart the difference between individual downloads and collections? All hardcopy and digital volumes/collections will be specific in their description. All individual downloads will have the E & E moniker. 

If I have a problem or want to make a suggestion of a piece that I would like to have arranged, how do I contact you? There is a Contact Us tab at the top of the main page. Also, there are several links at the bottom of the main page that tell more about E & E Cello Music with quotes and reviews from past customers.