Mission Statement

E & E Cello Music celebrates the versatility of the cello and constantly seeks new roles in which to cast it. No other single instrument can fill so many niches! It can provide a basso continuo, be featured in the most demanding of solos, be a congenial chamber music partner and, in a cello ensemble setting, display so wide a range and such variety of sound colors that it can effectively simulate the rich sonorities of a full symphony orchestra.

Our solo arrangements are multi-phonic pieces from the standard literature and are treated in the manner pioneered by J. S. Bach. They provide the bass line at strategic places and separate the voices to achieve a result which is complete and satisfying musically & technically readily approachable. The Why Split the Fee? Series has become a go-to for solo gig cellists, while Suite of Encores is a favorite for university faculty recitals.

In our duets, the accompaniment is compressed into the second cello part. The A to Zipoli series is a progressive solo method book collection with teacher accompaniment that employs this principal and is the cornerstone of E & E Cello Music. It may be used to augment and/or supplement any method, and pieces may be selected from these volumes to enrich recital programs or help students prepare for solo competitions.

Although playing with all cellos is preferrable, from time to time it is nice to reach out to colleagues to collaborate.  Cello and classical guitar are a perfect combination! Our Conversational Spanish series & Chopin Dances are meticulously crafted to eliminate balance issues and to enhance the resonance of both instruments. Our If You Must Split the Fee! duets for violin and cello are a must for weddings and other professional functions.

Our cello chamber/ensemble selections are quite extensive. Ranging from novice to professional level repertoire, these selections can be used to teach cellists in a chamber music setting or be played with an entire cello orchestra. Our diverse collection can be utilized for camps, festivals, competitions, college chamber classes or for enjoyment by informal gatherings of cellists.

With its catalog listing of almost 500 selections, E & E is here to serve cellists. We know the cello to be the most special of instruments and thus all of you who play it are a most discerning clientele. We look forward to sharing with you the joy we have experienced in preparing these many arrangements.

 Erinn Renyer & Edward Laut