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Item Name: (CD1) A to Zipoli vol. 1
Category: Duo
Price: $16.95
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80 graded Cello Duets (in 10 Volumes) Volume 1
  • Beethoven: Ode to Joy
  • Brahms: Lullaby
  • Laut-Renyer: Agile A String Adventure
  • Laut-Renyer: C Song
  • Laut-Renyer: C Voyage
  • Laut-Renyer: Dexterous D String Duet
  • Laut-Renyer: D-Light
  • Laut-Renyer: G Whiz
  • Laut-Renyer: Genial G
  • Purcell: Rigaudon
  • Traditional: Amazing Grace
  • Traditional: Chopsticks
  • Traditional: London Bridge
  • Traditional: Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Traditional: Old MacDonald
  • Traditional: Sweet Betsy from Pike
  • Traditional: The Bear over the Mountain
  • Traditional: Yankee Doodle

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